The department currently has following facilities:

Multiple functions classrooms
Four general classrooms (004,005,101,616A) equipped with wireless access points to Internet.
Teaching labs
One teaching lab (349) equipped with numerous desktop PCs connected by Ethernet network.
Research labs
Five research labs comprising group support systems lab (616B), electronic commerce lab (119), mobile commerce and information security management lab(117), database and knowledge base lab (110A), and collaborative commerce and decision resources lab (110B).

Each laboratory has been planned and built according to the specific research needs of the sponsoring/managing faculty member. Students are free to utilized all the lab resources. However, the first priority of usage is reserved for the work teams participating in on-going project of the specific lab. Besides, the department also founded two special Research Center (center for e-manufacturing and e-commerce and medical information management research center) in order to promote industrial collaborative .

For servicing students and faculties, the department library had subscribed to many popular information systems or business related periodicals and magazines. This facility has been used by the students and faculties as a important window for obtaining current information of their future profession.


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