Research Centers


Medical Information Management Research Center

The main purposes of the research center is focused on assisting medical institutions to improve their operation process and quality management from the perspective of information technology application, as well as providing consultation and counsel of relevant problems to promote the competitive advantage of domestic medical institutions. The characteristics and capabilities of the the medical information management research center are:

1. Providing an environment of tuition and research concerning the medical industry for the department.
2. Providing an interaction window between medical industry and academia.
3. Assist the department of health of Taiwan and medical industry fulfilling the application of information technology.

Center for E-manufacturing and E-commerce

The center for e-manufacturing and e-commerce is a consultant and service institution for e-industry qualified by the industrial development bureau which is subordinated to the ministry of economic affair of Taiwan. The professional consultant team is consisted of the teachers recruited from various departments (including information management, accounting and information system, business management, information engineering, and machinery) of the Nation Chung Cheng University. The characteristics and capabilities of the research center are:

1. Industry and academia collaboration.
2. Talent cultivation for e-manufacturing and e-commerce.
3. Localized book series publication.
4. Professional counsel.
5. Research in e-manufacturing and e-commerce technologies.


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