The graduate institute of information management was first founded in 1994. After that, undergraduate program was approved in 1998, Ph.D. program and EMBA program were approved in 1999, and the graduate institute of healthcare information management was further approved in 2003. The Department will continue to recruit competent faculty members in its seeking for academic excellence. The faculty members dedicate their efforts to teaching and research to enhance their professional and academic knowledge. For recent years, the passed rate for NSC projects in our department has reached almost 100%.

The vision of this department is to make best use of the resources and effectively integrates Internet and communication technology and management theory to build a teaching – and – researching environment for enterprise resource planning, supply chain management, customer relationship management, and so on. Our goal for regular academic programs focuses on training students with independent problem-solving ability, integration of theoretical concept and practice, and further information system planning and development. Our freshman and sophomore program focus on providing students with basic skills of information technology, and the third and fourth year intend to cultivate students to be able to develop application systems for business organizations and understand the potential problems when introducing information systems in organizations.

The master program exceptionally emphasizes the integration of information technology, decision analysis, and organizational knowledge, also considering the enhancement of research ability and thesis writing. Master program aims to train middle and upper-level information managers for business and healthcare organizations with both management theory and practical up-to-date information technologies. The goal of EMBA program focuses on management-oriented and dedicates our efforts to the development of localizing teaching material of information management in order to raise the recognition of information technology across the society and thus, understand how to use it to increase the management efficiency and effectiveness in organizations. These can be well done by means of the department with excellent faculty members as well as research facility and computer laboratory.

The Ph.D. program intends to prepare the student towards a career in academia. In this program, students must receive the training of academic research and practical expertise of information management. The practical expertise of information management emphasizes on taking advantage of information technology and applying management-oriented thinking to improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness. The academic training focuses on applying relevant management theories in academic research with practice-oriented thinking.

For the physical learning environment, the Department has been endowed with cutting-edge modern facilities such as state-of-the-art computing equipment, up-to-date video audio teaching aids, and many high-tech computer laboratories. It is the Department's mission to continuously enhance its teaching and research resources so that motivated students from the surrounding region can readily access the valuable learning asset. Beyond the role of delivering high quality education in MIS and HIS, the Department also intends to help the development of the information technology industries in the southern Taiwan, as well as to assist local business and medical institutions in solving the problems of the facing challenges in Internet era.


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